Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hiwi Kiwi

He is playing the guitar and singing. Maria
He is paying his guitar on the stage. Mark
He is playing his guitar. Felk

He is playing his guitar.  He is going to go on a boat.  Darcy
He is talking about the boat when the boat crashed into the log and the people got thrown out and they tipped over and they drowned. Mark

The boat crashed, and they got eaten by a shark and the octopus came and the fish came and they got drowned in the water. Felk
The people were drowing and you have to wear a life jacket, so you can swim back to safety. Mon.E

They are signing a song about kai monana. Mark

He was on the stage, he was singing songs to everyone.  He could stick his guitar on something and he has a microphone holder.  James
The people drowned on the boat.  Maria

He pulled out a hat and a fishing rod. Vaughan
We were making speeches. Casey
He has got a cool guitar. Felk

They rock at the guitar. Breeze
We saw Hiwi the Kiwi. Jahneequa

They were talking.  Breeze
They are singing.  Tamatea
He was singing the song on the microphone and he was choosing someone to pretend to wear the lifejacket.  Drift

Videos of Hiwi the Kiwi playing the different parts of the song Kai Moana

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Creating number towers

I am making the numbers with the blocks. Joshua

I am building with the blocks. Benjamin

I am playing with Mrs Henwood. Darcy

I put the blocks together biggest to smallest. Maria

I was building a tower. Casey

Term 3 Celebration/Farewell

I like the party. Aleana
I like the fun. Felk

The party was cool because I was going to eat my cake. Mon.E
I like my cupcakes because they were blue. Casey

I had some donuts. Darcy
I had chips and cake. Joshua

I liked the donuts. Egypt
I had popcorn and chips. Maria

It was fun when I was eating cake. Tamatea
My mum came to shared lunch. Vaughan

I had popcorn. Benjamin
I like the shared lunch that everyone made. Alaeana

Monday, 21 September 2015

Writing Numbers

Writing Numbers to 10

Darcy writing numbers to 10
We were writing the words.

Vaughan writing numbers to 10

Janeequa writing numbers to 10

Friday, 11 September 2015

Making Guitars

Today we tried to make guitars from old tissue boxes, using rubber bands and pencils.

Breeze putting the rubber bands on

Wakaroa and Aleana putting the rubber bands on.

Wakaroa and Drift putting the rubber bands on.

Vaughan, Aleana and Wakaroa adjusting their rubber bands.

Jahneequa and Vaughan adjusting the rubber bands.

Wakaroa and Drift putting the pencil at the top of the box to change the sound the rubber bands make.

Aleana, Wakaroa and Drift putting the pencils under the rubber bands.

Vaughan, Aleana and Wakaroa putting the pencil under the rubber bands.

Breeze and Jahneequa putting the pencil under the rubber bands.

James and Breeze putting the pencil under the rubber bands.

The rubber bands made the box collapse.

When the rubber bands were spread out properly the box did not collapse

We are all making guitar sounds from our tissue box's.

Vaughan, Aleana, Drift, Breeze, Wakaroa, James, Jahneequa making sounds.

Can you hear our sounds?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Weekly Focus Talking Respectfully

Room 9 came up with some respectful things to say to other people.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Explain Everything pictures

Some of the students have been learning how to use Exlain Everything.  Here is what they created when they had to write about an animal using desribing words.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Wakaroa is proud of the puzzle he has put together.

Aleana, Karamia and Casey helped

Tamatea as well.