Friday, 14 August 2015

Puzzle collaboration

We made a castle. Wakaroa
The castle is so big. Mark
I was so cool because it was big. Drift
It was so cool that we made it. Tamatea
It is not a boat. James
The castle is cool. Mon.E
It was fun. Tamatea
It was fun making it with all of the boys. Drift
It was cool. Felk
It was easy to make. Felk
We made a big castle for the boys.  We let them play with the castle. Tamatea
It was so big I liked it because it was the biggest castle ever and it looked like a boat. Drift
It sort of looked like a boat or a castle. Felk
It was trouble when we made it bacuase we made it tall and all the boys were helping. We let them help.  Then we made a rainbow and then Mark and James came to help. Then Drift came to help. We played ninjas and it was fun. Tamatea
And we made a ramp. Mark

I like the castle. Drift
We made the castle. Mark
It was fun making the castle. Tamatea
It rocks. Mark
The boys rock. Wakaroa
We like the castle because it was so big and we liked it. Drift
It was fun because we used all of the blocks. Tamatea
The castle is cool as and we did a great job. Mon.E
It is a boat. James
It is so big and I liked it because it is so big. It was cool. Drift

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