Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Making Poi

Casey and Ariana's Mum platting

Karamia finished platting

Ariana and Anahera platting with Casey's Mum

Jahneequa making a poi

Felk making a poi

Maria and her Mum platting

Rayne making a poi

Mark making a poi

Aleana making a poi

Calaya making a poi

Tamatea making poi

Vaughan making a poi

Wakaroa making a poi

Breeze making a poi

Calaya and Ariana's Mum making poi

Aleana and Jahneequa platting with Casey's Mum

Vaughan swining his pois around

Tamatea and Wakaroa swinging the poi's around

MAria's Mum,Sage, Karamia and Rayne making poi

Ariana making poi

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Ka POW!
    Room 9 you are tooooo much with your poi making. You all look so busy platting and cutting the soft material and swinging them around. Hallelujah they work. What wonderful mum helpers you have. It must of been great to share your learning with them. Well done Room 9. You are so inspiring. Thank you Mrs Henwood your a gem.