Monday, 15 June 2015

Blind Dog Puppy Bikies

The class noticed an advertisment for fundraising for guide dog puppies.  We ordered the puppy bikkie making kit and got baking.

Mixing the butter and sugar together.

Anahera mixing.

Sage mixing.

Wakaroa mixing

Mark mixing.

Tamatea mixing.

Karamia mixing.

Calaya mixing.

Drevahn mixing.

Rayne mixing.

Breeze mixing.

Casey putting the condensed milk in.

Wakaroa and Sage putting the vanilla in.

Sifting the baking powder in.

Karamia putting the baking power in.

The cooked bikkies after rolling and cutting out.

Sage measuring the icing sugar for the icing.

Breeze mixing the icing.

Anahera, Wakaroa, Sage and Breeze icing their bikkie.

Felk, Calaya, Karamia and Drevahn icing their bikkies.

All the bikkies iced ready for packing.

Bikkies all packed up ready to be sold.

Calaya, Karamia and Breeze making the tages for the packed bikkies.

Drevahn, Felk, Tamatea, Casey, Anahera and Mon.E colouring in puppy pictures.

Room 9 raised $86.00 for the guide dog puppies.

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